Sunday, April 30, 2006

Women's Tall Jeans - Gap Original Long and Lean Jean

Well, like I said... this is one of the topics that I know about the best: Tall Women's Clothing. I have spent my life struggling to find clothes that fit and now that different stores are beginning to carry a few pieces at a time, I'm using this blog to point you in the right direction. What a deal!
I may try another name besides "Tall Women Clothing" for the blog... something catchy like "Tall Lady" or "Tall Girlz" or something... but in the meantime, I thought I'd start simple. If you have another name idea, please let me know.

My product review of the Original Long and Lean Tall Jeans by Gap:

I have owned 2 pairs of the Original Long and Lean Tall Jeans from Gap for over two years and I have never gotten tired of them. They have a slim cut through the legs and then flare at the ankle. They're also low cut, but not too low.

Essentially a quality boot cut jean, the Gap Original Long and Lean Tall Jeans have lasted me for the entire time I've had them. What I mean is, they haven't worn out. I'm still wearing both pairs and only bought a second in fear that Gap might stop carrying them in Long. I'm sure you've been there before. Somehow, when you finally find something in a tall size, you have to get it in every color and style possible, just in case.

Back to the review... these jeans have 4 pockets and a zip fly. They're 80% cotton and 20% polyester and should be machine washed. I also dry mine and haven't noticed any significant shrinking. says the inseam of the Original Long and Lean jean is 34.5" or 36.5." I have found that these pants are long enough to touch the ground if I'm in my bare feet; as I mentioned before, I'm 5'10", so that should give you an idea. These pants are almost too long for me (which I love).

The jeans are a dark blue and I find they can go with almost anything. I have worn them with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes to the store. I've worn them with high heels and a cute top out to a club. I've even worn them with boots.

As you can tell, these are actually my favorite women's tall jeans, so that's why they're my first blog entry. I highly recommend them! Oh, and the best part is, if they don't fit you, you won't have to mail them back... Gap allows in store returns or exchanges. What a deal!

Here's a photo of the Gap Original Long and Lean Women's Tall Jeans:

Color: Crosshatch Rinsed
Inseam: X-Long - 34.5" or 36.5"
Size: 0 to 20
Price: $58.00


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